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Gold(III) Chloride Catalyzed Cyclization of α-Hydroxyallenes to 2,5-Dihydrofurans

Anja Hoffmann-Röder and Norbert Krause*

*Organic Chemistry II, Dortmund University, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany, Email:

A. Hoffmann-Röder, N. Krause, Org. Lett., 2001, 3, 2537-2538.

DOI: 10.1021/ol016205+


Gold(III) chloride catalyzes a cyclization of functionalized α-hydroxyallenes into the corresponding 2,5-dihydrofurans with complete axis to center chirality transfer. This mild and efficient method can be applied to alkyl- and alkenyl-substituted allenes at room temperature, furnishing tri- and tetrasubstituted dihydrofurans in very good yields.

see article for more examples

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ID: J54-Y2001