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Tetrabutylammonium Iodide (TBAI) Catalyzed Electrochemical C-H Bond Activation of 2-Arylated N-Methoxyamides for the Synthesis of Phenanthridinones

Kripa Subramanian, Subhash L. Yedage, Kashish Sethi, Bhalchandra M. Bhanage*

*Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Nathalal Parekh Marg, Matunga East, Mumbai 400031, India, Email:

K. Subramanian, S. L. Yedage, K. Sethi, B. M. Bhanage, Synlett, 2021, 32, 999-1003.

DOI: 10.1055/a-1467-5585

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In a constant-potential electrolysis (CPE) for the synthesis of phenanthridinones, TBAI plays a dual role as both a redox catalyst and a supporting electrolyte. This metal and oxidant free reaction proceeds with 100% current efficiency via an intramolecular C-H activation under mild reaction conditions and with a short reaction time.

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Key Words

tetrabutylammonium iodide, phenanthridinones, benzo-fused N-heterocycles, amidyl radicals, electrochemistry, C-H bond activation, constant-potential electrolysis

ID: J72-Y2021