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[4+3]-Cycloaddition Reaction of Sulfilimines with Cyclobutenones: Access to Benzazepinones

Xiaozhou Xie and Jiangtao Sun*

*Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Catalytic Materials & Technology, School of Petrochemical Engineering, Changzhou University, Changzhou 213164, China, Email:

X. Xie, J. Sun, Org. Lett., 2021, 23, 8921-8925.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.1c03413

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A catalyst-free [4+3]-cycloaddition reaction of N-aryl sulfilimines with cyclobutenones provides 1,5-dihydro-2H-benzo[b]azepin-2-ones under mild reaction conditions. This reaction offers a broad substrate scope and good functional group tolerance and does not require additives. Using a N-pyridinyl sulfilimine as the substrate, a series of pyridoazepinones have also been prepared.

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Key Words

benzo-fused N-heterocycles

ID: J54-Y2021