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Asymmetric Coupling of β-Ketocarbonyls and Alkynes by Chiral Primary Amine/Rh Synergistic Catalysis

Jie Zhang, Yaning Wang, Chang You, Mingying Shi, Xueling Mi* and Sanzhong Luo

*College of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University, Xinjiekouwai Street 19, Beijing 100875, China, Email:

J. Zhang, Y. Wang, C. You, M. Shi, X. Mi, S. Luo, Org. Lett., 2022, 24, 1186-1189.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.1c04334

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The combination of chiral primary amine and rhodium catalysis enables an asymmetric coupling of β-ketocarbonyls and alkynes to afford linear allylation products, bearing all-carbon quaternary centers in high regio- and enantioselectivities.

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proposed mechanism

Key Words

allylation of active methylene compounds

ID: J54-Y2022