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α-Nitrosostyrenes as Three-Atom Units for the (3+1) Cyclization Reaction: Facile Access to 2,3-Dihydrodiazete N-Oxides and Their Diversified Synthetic Conversions

Li-Wen Shen, Zhen-Hua Wang*, Yong You, Jian-Qiang Zhao, Ming-Qiang Zhou and Wei-Cheng Yuan*

*Innovation Research Center of Chiral Drugs, Institute for Advanced Study, Chengdu University, Chengdu 610106, China, Email:,

L.-W. Shen, Z.-H. Wang, Y. You, J.-Q. Zhao, M.-Q. Zhou, W.-C. Yuan, Org. Lett., 2022, 24, 1094-1099.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.2c00024

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An unprecedented (3+1) cyclization of α-nitrosostyrenes, generated in situ from α-bromooximes, and N-tosyloxycarbamates provides structurally unique 2,3-dihydrodiazete N-oxides in good yields. These highly strained four-membered ring structure products containing two nitrogen atoms can be converted to diverse nitrogen-containing compounds.

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ID: J54-Y2022