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Ti-Catalyzed Dehydroxylation of Tertiary Alcohols

Quan Lin, Weiqi Tong, Xing-Zhong Shu* and Yunrong Chen*

*Lanzhou University, 222 South Tianshui Road, Lanzhou 730000; Shanghai University, 99 Shangda Road, Shanghai 200444, China, Email:,

Q. Lin, W. Tong, X.-Z. Shu, Y. Chen, Org. Lett., 2022, 24, 8459-8464.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.2c03119

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A Ti-catalyzed direct dehydroxylation of tertiary aliphatic alcohols under mild reaction conditions tolerates a wide range of functional groups, including primary alkyl chloride and carbonyl groups. It allows for selective dehydroxylation of tertiary alcohols in diols and the formation of deuterated products with moderate deuterium incorporation.

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proposed mechanism

Key Words

deoxygenation, phenylsilane, zinc

ID: J54-Y2022