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Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Phosphorothioates via P-S Coupling ­Reaction of Dialkyl Phosphites with Thiols

Babak Kaboudin*, Payam Daliri, Hesam Esfandiari, Foad Kazemi

*Department of Chemistry, Institute for Advanced Studies, in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan 45137-66731, Iran, Email:

B. Kaboudin, P. Daliri, H. Esfandiari, F. Kazemi, Synlett, 2023, 34, 249-252.

DOI: 10.1055/a-1983-1640

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A convenient reaction of thiols with H-dialkyl phosphites in the presence of DMSO as both solvent and oxidant provides various phosphorothioates under transition-metal-free conditions. The reaction proceeds with formation of a disulfide intermediate followed by nucleophilic substitution with the dialkyl phosphite.

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Key Words

Phosphorothioates, DMSO

ID: J72-Y2023