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Photochemical and Atom-Economical Sulfonylimination of Alkenes with Bifunctional N-Sulfonyl Ketimine

Lei Wang, Yang Yu, Li Deng and Kang Du*

*Department of Chemistry, School of Science and Research Center for Industries of the Future, Westlake University, Hangzhou 310024, China, Email:

L. Wang, Y. Yu, L. Deng, K. Du, Org. Lett., 2023, 25, 2349-2354.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.3c00724

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An organo-photocatalytic sulfonylimination of alkenes using readily available N-sulfonyl ketimines as bifunctional reagent enables a direct and atom-economic synthesis of valuable β-amino sulfone derivatives as a single regioisomer. A formal insertion of alkenes into cyclic sulfonyl imines affords ring expansion products.

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Key Words

benzylic amines, sulfones, photochemistry

ID: J54-Y2023