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Catalyst-Free Oxidation of Sulfides to Sulfoxides by gem-Dihydroperoxide under Mild Conditions

Stanislav A. Grabovskii*, Nadezhda M. Andrijashina, Alexandr N. Lobov, Arkadiy V. Antipin, Rustam L. Safiullin

*Laboratory of Chemical Kinetics, Ufa Institute of Chemistry UFRC, RAS, 69 Oktjabrja Ave., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, 450054, Russian Federation, Email:

S. A. Grabovskii, N. M. Andrijashina, A. N. Lobov, A. V. Antipin, R. L. Safiullin, Synlett, 2023, 34, 1247-1252.

DOI: 10.1055/a-2015-7526

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Ready accessible and inexpensive gem-dihydroperoxides mediate a facile and efficient oxidation of sulfides (dialkyl, phenylalkyl, benzylalkyl) to sulfoxides in very good yields under mild conditions without using any catalysts.

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Key Words

sulfides, sulfoxides, gem-dihydroperoxides, 1,1-dihydroperoxycyclohexane, oxidation, catalyst-free

ID: J72-Y2023