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Hydrogen-Transfer Catalysis with Pincer-Aryl Ruthenium (II) Complexes

Paulo Dani, Thomas Karlen, Robert A. Gossage, Serafino Gladiali and Gerard van Koten*

*Debey Institute, Departement of Metal-Mediated Synthesis, Utrecht University, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht (The Netherlands), Email:

P. Dani, T. Karlen, R. A. Gossage, S. Gladiali, G. van Koten, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2000, 39, 743-745.

DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1521-3773(20000218)39:4<743::AID-ANIE743>3.0.CO;2-I

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Pincer-aryl ruthenium(II) complexes form active catalysts in the reduction of ketones by hydrogen transfer in iPrOH using KOH as promoter. At a KOH/Ru molar ratio of 20/1 only trace amounts of aldol products are formed. Under these conditions, the σ Ru-C bond is stable and the [Ru(PCP)PPh3] fragment is preserved.

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Key Words

homogeneous catalysis, hydrido complexes, hydrogen transfer, Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction, reductions, ruthenium, isopropanol

ID: J06-Y2000-530