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Spiro Hydantoin Aldose Reductase Inhibitors Derived from 8-Aza-4-chromanones

Reinhard Sarges*, Steven W. Goldstein, Willard M. Welch, Archie C. Swindell, Todd W. Siegel

*Pfizer Central Research, Groton, Connecticut 06340.

R. Sarges, S. W. Goldstein, W. M. Welch, J. Med. Chem., 1990, 33, 1859-1865.

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A series of spiro hydantoins derived from 8-azachromanones has been prepared and tested for aldose reductase inhibitory activity. The standard Bucherer-Bergs conditions had to be drastically modified to increase yields from less than 1% to an acceptable 50% range.

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Key Words

Bucherer-Bergs Reaction

ID: J39-Y1990-000