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Fluorodediazonization in ionic liquid solvents: new life for the Balz-Schiemann reaction

Kenneth K. Laali*, Volker J. Gettwert

*Department of Chemistry, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242, USA, Email:

K. K. Laali, V. J. Gettwert, J. Fluorine Chem., 2001, 107, 31-34.

DOI: 10.1016/S0022-1139(00)00337-7

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Drawbacks associated with the classic Balz-Schiemann reaction are eliminated in a series of examples by conducting fluorodediazoniation in ionic liquid solvents.

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Halo- and Azidodediazoniation of Arenediazonium Tetrafluoroborates with Trimethylsilyl Halides and Trimethylsilyl Azide and Sandmeyer-Type Bromodediazoniation with Cu(I)Br in [BMIM][PF6] Ionic Liquid

A. Hubbard, T. Okazaki, K. K. Laali, J. Org. Chem., 2008, 73, 316-319.

Key Words

Balz-Schiemann Reaction, Ionic liquid solvents, Fluoroaromatics, Phenols, Diazotization-fluorodediazoniation

ID: J36-Y2001-120