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Triphenylphosphine Catalyzed Michael Addition of Oximes onto Activated Olefins

Debnath Bhuniya*, Sankar Mohan, Sanju Narayanan

*Metabolic Disorder (Chemistry) Group, DiscoveryResearch SBU, Dr. Reddy's LaboratoriesLimited, Miyapur, Bollaram Road, Hyderabad 500050, India, Email:

D. Bhuniya, S. Mohan, S. Narayanan, Synthesis, 2003, 1018-1024.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2003-39162


A new reaction condition for Michael addition of oximes onto activated olefins has been discovered using a catalytic amount of triphenylphosphine. Various aldoximes and ketoximes were reacted with different Michael acceptors in good yields.

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Key Words

Michael additions, oximes, alkenes, phosphorus, catalysis

ID: J66-Y2003-1840