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Photochemical and Thermal Bergman Cyclization of a Pyrimidine Enediynol and Enediynone

Nakyen Choy, Beatriz Blanco, Jenghai Wen, Awtar Krishan and K. C. Russell*

*Department of Chemistry, Nothern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY 41099 - 1905, Email:

N. Choy, B. Blanco, J. Wen, A. Krishan, K. C. Russel, Org. Lett., 2000, 2, 3761-3764.

DOI: 10.1021/ol006061j

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Novel 10-membered pyrimidine enediynes were synthesized in seven and eight steps, respectively. These compounds were compared for their abilities to undergo Bergman cyclization both thermally and photochemically and to cleave dsDNA under the appropriate conditions.

Key Words

Bergman Cyclization, Quinazolines

ID: J54-Y2000-610