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Tribromoisocyanuric Acid: A New Reagent for Regioselective Cobromination of Alkenes

Leonardo S. de Almeida, Pierre M. Esteves*, Marcio C. S. de Mattos*

*Instituto de Química, Departamento de Química Orgânica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Cx. Postal 68545, 21945-970, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Email:,

L. S. de Almeida, P. M. Esteves, M. C. S. de Mattos, Synlett, 2006, 1515-1518.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-941601


The reaction of tribromoisocyanuric acid with alkenes in the presence of nucleophilic solvents (various alcohols, acetic acid, and H2O in acetone) led to the corresponding β-bromoethers, β-bromoacetates and bromohydrins in high regioselectivity and good yields.

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Key Words

alkenes, cohalogenation, Oxone, tribromoisocyanuric acid

ID: J60-Y2006-4460