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Highly chemoselective coupling of allenylstannanes with organic iodides promoted by Pd(PPh3)4/LiCl: an efficient method for the synthesis of substituted allenes

Chih-Wei Huang, Muthian Shanmugasundaram, Hao-Ming Chang and Chien-Hong Cheng*

*Department of Chemistry, Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan, ROC, Email:

C.-W. Huang, M. Shanmugasundaram, H.-M. Chang, C.-H. Cheng, Tetrahedron, 2003, 59, 3635-3641.

DOI: 10.1016/S0040-4020(03)00516-7


Various arylallenes and alkenylallenes were prepared via coupling of allenylstannanes with aryl iodides or alkenyl iodides in the presence of Pd(PPh3)4 as catalyst, LiCl, and DMF as solvent.

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Key Words

palladium, coupling reactions, Stille Coupling, allenes, enones, dienes

ID: J72-Y2003-320