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Catalytic Synthesis of Aldehydes and Ketones under Mild Conditions Using TEMPO/Oxone

Carsten Bolm,* Angelika S. Magnus, and Jens P. Hildebrand

*Institut für Organische Chemie der RWTH Aachen, Landoltweg 1, 52056 Aachen, Germany, Email:

C. Bolm, A. S. Magnus, J. P. Hildebrand, Org. Lett., 2000, 2, 1173-1175.

DOI: 10.1021/ol005792g


A novel, metal-free oxidation system for the catalytic synthesis of aldehydes and ketones using TEMPO and a quarternary ammonium salt as catalysts and Oxone as oxidant proved especially successful for the synthesis of ketones. The mild conditions tolerate even sensitive silyl protective groups which can otherwise be cleaved in the presence of Oxone.

see article for more examples

Silica-Supported TEMPO Catalysts:  Synthesis and Application in the Anelli Oxidation of Alcohols

T. Fey, H. Fischer, S. Bachmann, K. Albert, C. Bolm, J. Org. Chem., 2001, 66, 8154-8159.

Key Words

Oxidation, Oxone, Potassium peroxymonosulfat, TEMPO, Aldehydes, Ketones

ID: J54-Y2000-260