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Chemoselective reductive alkylation of ammonia with carbonyl compounds: synthesis of primary and symmetrical secondary amines

Bruhaspathy Miriyala, Sukanta Bhattacharyya* and John S. Williamson

*Department of Chemistry, Argonaut Technologies, 1101 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404, USA, Email:

B. Miriyala, S. Bhattacharyya, J. S. Williamson, Tetrahedron, 2004, 60, 1463-1471.

DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2003.12.024


Treatment of ketones with ammonia in ethanol and titanium(IV) isopropoxide, followed by in situ reduction with sodium borohydride allows a highly chemoselective reductive mono-alkylation of ammonia. A simple workup afforded primary amines in good to excellent yields. Reductive alkylation of ammonia with aldehydes afforded the corresponding symmetrical secondary amines selectively.

see article for more examples

Selective Access to Secondary Amines by a Highly Controlled Reductive Mono-N-Alkylation of Primary Amines

H. J. Kumpaty, S. Bhattacharyya, E. W. Rehr, A. M. Gonzalez, Synthesis, 2003, 2206-2210.

Key Words

reductive amination, primary amines, benzylic amines, ammonia, sodium borohydride

ID: J72-Y2004-240