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Selective Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols and TBDMS Ethers to Carbonyl Compounds with CrO3-H5IO6

Suhong Zhang, Liang Xu, Mark L. Trudell*

*Department of Chemistry, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148, USA, Email:

S. Zhang, L. Xu, M. L. Trudell, Synthesis, 2005, 1757-1760.

DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-869975

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Benzyl alcohols and benzyl TBDMS ethers were efficiently oxidized to the corresponding carbonyl compounds in high yield with periodic acid catalyzed by CrO3 at low temperature (-78 C). The oxidation procedure was highly functional group tolerant and very selective for the TBDMS group over the TBDPS group.

see article for more examples

Key Words

oxidation, benzylic alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, chromium trioxide, periodic acid, BDMS ethers, Jones oxidation

ID: J66-Y2005-1040