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A remarkable solvent effect toward the Pd/C-catalyzed cleavage of silyl ethers

Hironao Sajiki*, Takashi Ikawa, Kazuyuki Hattori and Kosaku Hirota

*Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, 5-6-1 Mitahora-higashi, Gifu 502-8585, Japan, Email:

H. Sajiki, T. Ikawa, K. Hattori, K. Hirota, Chem. Commun., 2003, 654-655.

DOI: 10.39/b211313a


Selective hydrogenation conditions of olefin, benzyl ether and acetylene functionalities in the presence of TBDMS or TES ether have been developed.

see article for more examples

Key Words

TBDMS Ethers, Hydrogenation, Hydrogen

ID: JXX-Y2003-1210