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Microwave Synthesis

Brittany L. Hayes

Softcover, 292 Pages
First Edition, 2002
ISBN: 0-972-22290-1
CEM Publishing


Brittany L. Hayes discusses the process of using microwave synthesis to drive organic reactions and includes examples of her techniques for optimizing both atmospheric and pressurized reactions. Her direct and engaging style is easy to follow as she guides you through the process of designing microwave synthesis methods. Dr. Hayes discusses the major chemistries involved, from solid-phase to solvent-free, and the considerations related to each. The book includes solvent tables, method development charts, safety and hardware information, as well as discussion of over 140 reactions.

Editorial Review

The book gives important hints to absolute beginners in the area of the microwave-accelerated synthesis for accomplishing their first reactions. After theoretical basics, which are described briefly but concisely, a comprehensive overview of the current literature and at the end a guidance for reaction optimization follows.

One notices that the authors possess a large knowledge in the area of the microwave synthesis. This experience is mediated very practice-oriented by the present book. Although concrete procedures in references were missing, in the first chapters and at the end of the book it is explained in detail, which points for reaction optimization in the microwave oven one must consider.

The book can be recommended particularly to practice-oriented chemists!