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Organic Synthesis on Solid Phase

Florencio Zaragoza Dörwald

Hardcover, 530 Pages
Second Edition, 2002, XXIII
ISBN: 3-527-30603-X


This is the number-one successful book on solid phase organic synthesis, now in its second, expanded edition. Like its predecessor it offers newcomers and expert laboratory chemists a systematic overview of supports, spacers, linkers, reactions, and their range of applications. This reference contains the latest developments in this exciting field.

Editorial Review

Florencio Zaragoza Doerwald is an absolute specialist in the area of combinatorial chemistry, which is underpinned by his high-class publications of the last years. The author works in the research and development at Novo Nordisk A/S, what is surely a reason for the practice-oriented alignment of the book.

The first chapters are concerning with the basics of the solid phase synthesis. Topics like different kinds of resins; possibilities to functionalise polymers and the use of linkers are explained in an exciting way. Some practical references to the solid phase synthesis helps also beginners to accomplish first reactions.

The excellent chapters about substance classes were quite a pleasure to read. The present book shows its major potential as a reference work of considerable extent, which is also an assistance to experts in combinatorial chemistry. Alternatives for the preparation of e.g. alcohols in the solid phase synthesis are meanwhile present to a large extent and are not inferior to methods of liquid phase chemistry. The author succeeded in providing a very good cross section.

The book can be recommended to any chemist, who would like itself to concern with the solid phase synthesis. A successful solid phase synthesis, which helps to save a number of chromatographic separation steps is it worth, however, to be delving more deeply into this area.


General Techniques and Analytical Tools for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis
Supports for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis
Linkers for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis
Preparation of Organometallic Compounds
Preparation of Hydrocarbons
Preparation of Alkyl and Aryl Halides
Preparation of Alcohols and Ethers
Preparation of Sulfur Compounds
Preparation of Organoselenium Compounds
Preparation of Nitrogen Compounds
Preparation of Phosphorus Compounds
Preparation of Aldehydes and Ketones
Preparation of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Preparation of Carbonic Acid Derivatives
Preparation of Heterocycles
Preparation of Oligomeric Compounds