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Modern Carbonyl Olefination

Takeshi Takeda

Hardcover, 349 Pages
First Edition, January 2004
ISBN: 3-527-30634-X


While this important reaction class is among the most important and most widely used in organic chemistry, this is the first book to summarize the many different olefination methods, including:
* Wittig reaction
* Peterson reaction
* Julia olefination
* Utilizing the Tebbe and related reagents
* Low-valent chromium, zinc or titanium mediated olefination
* McMurry coupling
plus the related reactions in each case.
It thus collates in one ready reference the current level of knowledge as well as new developments in this constantly evolving field -- information which until now has been dispersed throughout the literature.

Editorial Review

"Modern Carbonyl Olefination" deals with a fundamental conversion of the organic synthesis. If the aim is to synthesize alkenes with certain geometry, each chemist will immediately think of Wittig, Wittig-Horner and the Schlosser reaction. But are these reactions still up to date? The answer of this question is given indirectly by the book by summarizing the Wittig-like reactions over 17 pages at the beginning. Then the surprise comes in the form of in detail treated methods, which are not necessarily found on the curricula of universities. Peterson reaction and Julia-Olefination are described in detail and the lists of resuming literature are immense.

In these two chapters, the chemist can be pleased about alternatives, which will perhaps lead to higher yields. But the large quantum leap takes place to the metal mediated olefinations. Methylenation and the McMurry coupling will probably be known by everyone. But the possibilities are immensely larger!

In the last chapter the Wittig reaction is actually developed further to enantioselective conversions and the newest developments of Wittig and not-Wittig synthesis paths are lit up.

"Modern Carbonyl Olefination" is a very useful book, which should not be missing in any library. Besides, this book is an absolute must for working groups, which concern themselves with the synthesis of natural substances (or generally alkenes).


The Wittig and Related Reactions
The Peterson and Related Reactions
The Julia Olefination and Realated Reactions
Olefination Utilizing the Tebbe and Related Reagents
Low-valent Chromium, Zinc or Titanium Mediated Olefination
The McMurry Coupling and Related Reactions
Asymmetric Carbonyl Olefination