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Classics in Total Synthesis II

K. C. Nicolaou, Scott A. Snyder

Paperback, 639 Pages
First Edition, 26 August 2003
ISBN: 3-527-30684-6

>> Classics in Total Synthesis


Classics in Total Synthesis II is the long awaited sequel to Classics in Total Synthesis. In this highly welcomed new volume, K. C. Nicolaou and Scott A. Snyder discuss in detail the most impressive accomplishments in natural product total synthesis during the 1990s and the first years of the 21st century.

domino reactions, cascade sequences, biomimetic strategies, and asymmetric catalysis are systematically developed through the chosen synthesis
cutting edge synthetic technologies are discussed in terms of mechanism and scope
new reactions, such as olefin metathesis, are presented in mini-review style
abundant references are given for further reading

Graduate students, educators, and researchers in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry will wish to have a copy of this book in their collection as an indispensable companion that both augments and supplements the original Classics in Total Synthesis.

Editorial Review

Classics in Total Synthesis - the first volume - is an excellent work, which found now a worthy successor with the second part that is an outstanding supplement.

In the 90's further natural substances were synthesized for the first time in the laboratory and - still more importantly - new synthesis methods are now available, in order to revive older problems. Possibilities like the asymmetrical synthesis and ring-closing metathesis were crucially developed further and are mentioned in the introduction. They will be frequently met later in the concrete examples.

The selected natural substances are again of general interest and their synthesis were explained in the same outstanding quality as in the first volume. Thus, we are hoping that further volumes will appear in the next years!


Isochrysohermidin (Boger)
Swinholide A (Paterson)
Dynemicin A (Myers)
Ecteinascidin 743 (Corey)
Resiniferatoxin (Wender)
Epothilone A (Nicolaou)
Manzamine A (Winkler/Martin)
Vancomycin (Nicolaou/Evans)
Everninomicin 13,384-1 (Nicolaou)
Bisorbicillinoids (Nicolaou)
Aspidophytine (Corey)
CP-Molecules (Nicolaou)
Colombiasin A (Nicolaou)
Quinine (Stork)
Longithorone A (Shair)
FR-182877 (Sorensen)
Vinblastine (Fukuyama)
Quarigemine C and Psycholeine (Overman)
Diazonamide A (Nicolaou)
Plicamine (Ley)