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Multicomponent Reactions

Jieping Zhu, Hugues Bienaymé

Hardcover, 468 Pages
First Edition, 2005
ISBN: 3-527-30806-7


In the very first book on this hot topic, the expert editors and authors present a comprehensive overview of these elegant reactions.

Editorial Review

Multicomponent reactions (MCRs) make possible the speedy synthesis of molecular libraries that have a high degree of structural diversity. Many of these structures are accessible only after 5-10 steps - if at all - when approached by sequential synthesis. Combinations of different starting materials can produce a variety of products with facility, a process that is of great value in the search for new drugs. MCR can significantly unclog the bottleneck commonly arising in the HTS (High Throughput Screening) discovery process, that centers around the generation of the molecules.

The present book highlights the entire range of current possibilities with MCRs. The introductory chapter showcases the value of multicomponent reactions in drug development (Application of Multicomponent Reactions in Drug Discovery - Lead Generation to Process Development), and explains how new MCRs are found (The Discovery of New Isocyanide-based Multicomponent Reactions). The most important reactions (Ugi, Biginelli, Passerini) are discussed extensively. Anyone who is already familiar with these classical multicomponent reactions will still find something of interest, such as several versatile reactions with boronic acids (Multicomponent Reactions with Organoboron Compounds), as well as worthwhile tips on domino and radical reactions. A general introduction to the topic of multicomponent reactions is, however, not to be found in this monograph.

This reviewer found the book positively amazing. If only on the strength of the plethora of described methods, and the associated possible target structures, "Multicomponent Reactions" stands as an indispensable reference work for everyone who is working in the area of parallel chemistry. Several special sections, such as one on "Multicomponent Reactions in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products", and on asymmetric multicomponent reactions, make the present volume additionally quite relevant to chemists who are involved in the target-oriented synthesis of individual compounds.


Multicomponent Reactions with Organoboron Compounds
Free-Radical Mediated Multicomponent Coupling Reactions
Applications of Multicomponent Reactions in Drug Discovery - Lead Generation to Process Development
The Discovery of New Isocyanide Based Multicomponent Reactions
Metal catalyzed Multicomponent Reactions
Multicomponent Reactions in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products
Asymmetric Isocyanide-Based Multicomponent Reactions
The Biginelli reaction
Asymmetric Isocyanide-Based Multicomponent Reactions
The Domino-Knoevenagel-Hetero-Diels-Alder Reaction and Related Transformations
Catalytic Asymmetric Multicomponent Reactions
Algorithm Based Methods for the Discoverey of Novel Multicomponent Reactions
Post-condensation Modifications of the Passerini and Ugi Reactions