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Reactions and Syntheses
in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Lutz F. Tietze, Theophil Eicher, Ulf Diederichsen, Andreas Speicher

Softcover, 598 Pages
1st Edition, 2007
ISBN: 978-3-527-31223-8
Wiley - VCH


Presenting a broad spectrum of modern total synthesis of natural products, pharmaceuticals, heterocycles, C-C bonding and biochemical reactions, this practical textbook readily guides readers to the necessary information. A list of keywords in each chapter and numerous tables summarize the contents, resulting in an excellent overview.

Written with graduates in organic chemistry in mind, this is equally valuable for students and lecturers in chemistry, organic chemists, as well as lab technicians and chemists in industry.

Editorial Review

"Reactions and Syntheses" is an advanced textbook with concrete procedures that links theory together with practical syntheses. The individual chapters and concrete procedures are introduced with outstandingly crafted theoretical explanations. The book describes advanced organic chemistry using interesting examples, specifically natural products and drugs, the preparations of which are illustrated together with a retrosynthetic analysis and alternative synthesis routes. The important steps in the synthesis are thus also described from the mechanistic perspective, so that reading the book helps to enhance the knowledge imparted.

The syntheses themselves are described in a practicable and accurate manner; for example, a number of passages contain warnings and tips for the use of specific chemicals. Since a broad range of specialized subjects are covered, while modern synthesis chemistry has also been given its due, we have here an advanced textbook that will cover several interesting synthetic options with concrete procedures. Since the focus is on both the target molecules and multi-step syntheses, there is relatively less attention given to individual functional groups and their transformations. This isn’t really a disadvantage; instead of “esterification” followed by a list of 10 examples, the theory is treated in depth with respect to a specific molecule, the synthesis of which is described over from one to five or six steps. Thus, the book is more a remarkable textbook for advanced students than a standard reference work for synthesis chemistry to be consulted on a daily basis by professionals in a synthesis laboratory.

On the one hand, "Reactions and Syntheses" contains all of the information necessary to carry out experiments, so that students don't have the opportunity to do the preliminary work such as independent literature search and stoichiometric calculations on their own before running the actual reactions. On the other hand, the theory and concrete examples are presented in such a way that students benefit many times over in that they can both draw connections with the conceptual knowledge and readily gain experience with specific syntheses. Instructors should consider all of these features as they evaluate the book for use in a laboratory course. In any case, acquiring this book is worthwhile for students, who will not only obtain a practical guide, but also an organic chemistry textbook that will help them to solidify their knowledge of the subject.


Nucleophilic Addition to Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives (Esters, Anhydrides) and Alpha,Beta-unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds;
Carbonyl Olefination
Alkylation of Aldehydes/
Ketones, Carboxylic Acids and Beta-dicarbonyl Compounds
Reactions of the Aldol and Mannich Type
Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Acylation
Reactions of Alkenes via Carbenium Ions
Transition-metal Mediated Reactions
Pericyclic Reactions
Radical Reactions
Epoxidation of C=C Bonds
Dihydroxylation of C=C Bonds
Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds
Enantioselective Reduction of Ketones
Three- and Four-membered Heterocycle
Five-membered Heterocycles
Six-membered Heterocycles
Condensed Heterocycles
Other Heterocyclic Systems, Heterocyclic Dyes
Amino Acids and Peptides
Terpenoids, Steroids