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Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice

Dietrich Braun, Harald Cherdron, Matthias Rehahn, Helmut Ritter, Brigitte Voit

Hardcover, 402 Pages
5th Edition, 2013
ISBN: 978-3642289798


Emphasis is on a broad description of the general methods and processes for the synthesis, modification and characterization of macromolecules. These more fundamental chapters will be supplemented by selected and detailed experiments. In addition to the preparative aspects the book also gives the reader an impression on the relation of chemical constitution and morphology of Polymers to their properties, as well as on their application areas. Thus, an additional textbook will not be needed in order to understand the experiments.

The 5th edition contains numerous changes: In recent years, so-called functional polymers which have special electrical, electronic, optical and biological properties, have gained more and more in interest. This textbook was therefore supplemented by recipes which describe the synthesis of these materials in a new chapter "Functional polymers". Together with new experiments in chapter 3,4 and 5 the book now contains more than 120 recipes that describe a wide range of macromolecules.

Editorial Review

Polymers have played an important role in daily life for many decades. With a broad range of physical and chemical properties that depend on the degree of cross-linking and functionalization, polymers have come to dominate many fields of application. Commonly referred to as plastics, they have spread far beyond such uses as plastic sheets, insulation, and shopping bags. Modern functional polymers can have specific biological properties, which are useful in the medical field or can enable more rapid degradation in the environment, and conducting polymers will someday find extensive application in electronic components.

Anyone interested in materials science in general and polymers in particular has chosen a very interesting field that reaches from research through development, and all the way to industrial production. "Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice" provides the necessary basics for the reader get a foothold in the field of polymers. The first two chapters sketch out ways of preparing polymers, their properties, and the methods for their analysis and characterization. The language used is easy to understand, and the content is further illustrated with well-designed graphics, tables and formulae. The chapters cover the basic essentials of polymers in detail, but only briefly mention the practical fundamentals from neighboring fields such as organic chemistry and analytical chemistry. The book is thus oriented more towards advanced students.

Starting with the third chapter, the book elaborates on specific reaction types, polymer modification, and functional polymers. It is here that many useful methods can be found, which are accurately described and ready to practice in the laboratory. The text and laboratory methods provide more depth to some of the fundamentals from the first two chapters, while the reader also learns many additional theoretical details. These chapters are presented in exquisite detail, especially the laboratory procedures, and also delve into newer areas of research. All readers will find abundant helpful information in this book that will serve them well in professional life, so that "Polymer Synthesis: Theory and Practice" will remain a valuable resource well beyond the student years..


Introduction.- Methods and Techniques for Synthesis, Characterization, Processing, and Modification of Polymers.- Synthesis of Macromolecules by Chain Growth Polymeriaztion.- Synthesis of Macromolecules by Step Growth Polymerization.- Modification of Macromolecular Substances.- Functional Polymers.