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Ferric Chloride, Iron(III) Chloride, Fe(Cl)3

Ferric chloride is a mild oxidizing agent.

Recent Literature

Pd, Ru, and Fe catalysis enable a general synthesis of 2-substituted pyrroles in overall good yields with only water and ethene as side-products. The route starts with two subsequent Pd-catalyzed monoallylations of amines with allylic alcohols. Ru-catalyzed ring-closing metathesis performed on the diallylated amines provides pyrrolines in excellent yields. By addition of ferric chloride, a selective aromatization was achieved.
A. Bunrit, S. Sawadjoon, S. Tšupova, P. J. R. Sj÷berg, J. S. M. Samec, J. Org. Chem., 2016, 81, 1450-1460.

Anhydrous FeCl3 oxidizes potassium thiocyanate to the corresponding radical and promotes subsequent addition to nucleophilic olefins to produce dithiocyanate derivatives under mild conditions with excellent yields and chemoselectivities. The use of ferric chloride makes this method simple, convenient and practical.
J. S. Yadav, B. V. S. Reddy, M. K. Gupta, Synthesis, 2004, 1983-1986.