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Ferric Nitrate, Fe(NO)3 • 9 H2O

Ferric nitrate is a strong oxidant that decomposes with evolution of nitrous fumes.

Recent Literature

Keggin-type heteropoly acids revealed high catalytic activity for swift and selective oxidation of various hydroxy functionalities to the corresponding carbonyl groups using ferric nitrate as an oxidant under mild and solvent-free conditions.
H. Firouzabadi, N. Iranpoor, K. Amani, Synthesis, 2003, 408-412.

Ferric nitrate with catalytic TEMPO is a useful combination of reagents for regio- and stereoselective nitration of various aromatic, aliphatic, and heteroaromatic olefins. This mild and operationally simple reaction provided nitroolefins in preparatively useful yields with excellent E-selectivity.
T. Naveen, S. Maity, U. Sharma, D. Maiti, J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 5949-5954.