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Name Reactions A list of the most important name reactions with detailed mechanisms and current references

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Synthetic TransformationsA graphical index for browsing synthetic transformations, searchable by the desired type of bond to be formed; it offers various options and links that lead to articles on named organic reactions and abstracts of literature articles.


Organic Chemistry HighlightsOrganic Chemistry Highlights is a free online journal that publishes short reviews on topics such as organic, bioorganic, organometallic and microwave chemistry and total synthesis of natural products.


Organic Chemistry Abstracts Abstracts of articles about recent synthesis methods, published in highly regarded organic chemistry journals


Molecular Properties

The OSIRIS Property Explorer lets you draw chemical structures (Java app), from which various drug-relevant properties are calculated in real time, with tutorials that explain the basis for these predictions.


Protective Groups Stability data for the most frequently used protective groups, protection and deprotection methods


Vacancies for Organic Chemists

The Organic Chemistry Portal Job Market: Here you can browse recent job openings worldwide, and find jobs in research and development both in industry and academia.


Chemicals and Reagents

A searchable directory of chemicals and often used reagents.


Total Synthesis

All Total Syntheses from A to Z.


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