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In order to present your laboratory equipment, chemicals and services to a large number of readers for 12 months on this website, we need from you: Company name and product name (40 to 60 characters), a short introduction (100 - 120 characters), a thumbnail graphic (gif, jpg, or png, 120*90px), a landing page URL (and a short address thereof, so you can collect statistical information), a long text (2000 - 3000 characters) and two embedded images (up to 728*500px, gif, jpg, or png - either landscape or portrait orientation). Please ensure that your text is created uniquely for this platform and that no or only small excerpts from the text are used on other websites.

We charge EUR 250 (or the equivalent in USD, CHF, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD) for editing your presentation and its publication for one year. Based on the real-time statistics that provides you, you should easily be able to decide at what point in time a republication makes sense or whether you would like to run multiple presentations in parallel. Right after a possible renewal, the presentation will be featured once again in our social media feeds and for 3 weeks at the homepage.

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