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Microwave Synthesis Equipment

Pushing limits for your synthesis needs
Anton Paar’s powerful synthesis reactors deliver the best solutions for your synthesis needs. Don’t waste time and lab resources with outdated synthesis methods and choose outstanding performance from Anton Paar:
• Monowave series: Simplifies synthesis whether as basic entry into high-temperature sealed-vessel synthesis with Monowave 50 or on high performance level with Monowave 200/400/450 microwave reactors.
Multiwave PRO SOLV: Parallel synthesis at its best with direct scalability from miligram to the liter scale.
Masterwave BTR: Outstanding productivity with microwave synthesis kilolab processing.

Expand your synthetic chemistry.
Achieve shorter reaction times, improve yield, and access to new chemical space compared to conventional oil baths and hot plates with the absolute best approach for chemical synthesis using CEM's microwave technology instrumentation.
Discover 2.0: Premier microwave reactor for performing any organic or inorganic synthetic chemistry. Featuring a best-in-class 300 mL single-mode microwave cavity and intuitive software with a 10" touchscreen interface, it is possible to program a reaction in seconds and achieve the best synthetic yield in minutes.
Discover: Provides an economical, robust platform for heating sealed pressure vessels with the power of microwave energy. Access temperatures and pressures up to 300 °C and 300 psi for the highest purity synthetic results. Start with a basic system and add on more capabilities as you need.
MARS 6 Synthesis: Parallel synthesis made easy. With the ability to accommodate multiple pressurized vessels, or up to a 5 L open flask, MARS™ 6 Synthesis offers both high throughput for larger labs and flexibility to run batch syntheses.