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Welcome to the Organic Chemistry Portal Job Market! Here you can browse recent job openings worldwide, and find jobs in research and development both in industry and academia. Some tips for your career as an organic chemist and the application process in particular can be found further down on this page.

For Research Managers in industrial, government or academic laboratories who are interested in posting vacancies, please refer to the detailed information about recruitment.


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Selection of Organic Chemistry Jobs

Educational Requirements

Studying is an essential component of becoming a chemist. To become a chemist, you will need to complete a formal education program that provides you with a strong foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and other related sciences.

Degrees, Skills

Jobs related to Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry includes the areas of organic synthesis, synthesis methods, reaction mechanisms and kinetics, and analytical methods such as chromatography (TLC, GC, HPLC), and structure determination and spectroscopic methods such as NMR and IR. In the industrial realm, work can involve discovery chemistry (making new chemical entities) and process optimization (finding better ways to produce chemicals). Both of these areas are increasing making use of combinatorial approaches, in which leverage is obtained through large-scale parallel design. Methods of organic chemistry are heavily used in polymer chemistry, materials science, medicinal chemistry and natural product chemistry. In addition to synthetic chemistry, organic chemists can also work with companies or departments that carry out the structural determination of organic molecules using their MS and NMR knowledge.

→ Job Profiles: Organic Chemist, Medicinal Chemist, Process Chemist

Networking Opportunities

To find an interesting job, you should occasionally interact with industrial chemists and make personal contacts. This is best done at scientific conferences or via the social medium LinkedIn, where the Organic Chemistry Portal is also represented. This gives you interesting insights and allows you to focus your job search on suitable topics and companies. On the other hand, some people already know you and under some circumstances you already have references that could be listed in the application.

Acquire More Knowledge

For special fields, you can deepen your knowledge beforehand in order to show off some details in job interviews. Studying a specific textbook or reading journals in the field is suitable for this purpose. In some companies, you also have to talk to chemists during the application process, who ask for some basic or detailed knowledge. Name reactions in particular can be queried.

→ Important current research topics: Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, Process Research

The Application Process

The application process for a job vacancy can vary depending on the company and the role you are applying for, but in general, it usually involves some common steps.

→ Application Materials: Cover Letter, Resume