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posting your job advertisement on the industry-leading site for organic chemistry is the most fruitful method to locate the experts you need for developing your business or pursuing your research programs. Here, your vacancies will reach our readers, from advanced students to established researchers in academia and industry, due to our content mix of professional topics and advanced information. The Organic Chemistry Portal reaches more than 200 000 unique visitors (statistical information) per month worldwide and is therefore able to connect job seekers and advertisers on a global scale.

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How to post a full-time job

Please either send a pdf file or MS Word document that will be converted by us including all the information that you want to present or just a landing page URL (web address) that can be embedded to the following email address:

After publication, you will receive an electronic invoice by email for payment within 30 days. For the current fees, please refer to our rate schedule below. For companies interested in posting multiple vacancies, within the upcoming 12 months we will offer a prepayment discount.

How to post a trainee or PhD student position

We just perform social media marketing without publication of job details at the website for 30 USD (PhD positions) or 50 USD (Industrial Trainee Positions).

How to track the success of a PDF

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Rate Schedule

Prices are valid for a publication duration of 2 months per job post. We accept direct bank transfers in USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CHF, NZD and worldwide payments using a credit card.

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