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Aldol Addition
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'Aldol' is an abbreviation of aldehyde and alcohol. When the enolate of an aldehyde or a ketone reacts at the α-carbon with the carbonyl of another molecule under basic or acidic conditions to obtain β-hydroxy aldehyde or ketone, this reaction is called Aldol Reaction.

Mechanism of the Aldol Addition

Under conditions of kinetic control, the mixed Aldol Addition can be used to prepare adducts that are otherwise difficult to obtain selectively. This process begins with the irreversible generation of the kinetic enolate, e.g. by employing a sterically hindered lithium amide base such as LDA (lithium diisopropylamide). With an unsymmetrically substituted ketone, such a non-nucleophilic, sterically-demanding, strong base will abstract a proton from the least hindered side. Proton transfer is avoided with lithium enolates at low temperatures in ethereal solvents, so that addition of a second carbonyl partner (ketone or aldehyde) will produce the desired aldol product.

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