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Claisen Condensation

Baker-Venkataraman Rearrangement

The base-induced transfer of the ester acyl group in an o-acylated phenol ester, which leads to a 1,3-diketone. This reaction is related to the Claisen Condensation, and proceeds through the formation of an enolate, followed by intramolecular acyl transfer.

Mechanism of the Baker-Venkataraman Rearrangement

Recent Literature

Directed ortho metalation - cross coupling links. Carbamoyl rendition of the baker-venkataraman rearrangement. Regiospecific route to substituted 4-hydroxycoumarins
A. V. Kalinin, A. J. M. Da Silva, C. C. Lopes, R. S. C. Lopes, V. Snieckus, Tetrahedron. Lett., 1998, 39, 4995-4998.