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Curtius Rearrangement
Schmidt Reaction

Beckmann Rearrangement

An acid-induced rearrangement of oximes to give amides.

This reaction is related to the Hofmann and Schmidt Reactions and the Curtius Rearrangement, in that an electropositive nitrogen is formed that initiates an alkyl migration.

Mechanism of the Beckmann Rearrangement

Oximes generally have a high barrier to inversion, and accordingly this reaction is envisioned to proceed by protonation of the oxime hydroxyl, followed by migration of the alkyl substituent "trans" to nitrogen. The N-O bond is simultaneously cleaved with the expulsion of water, so that formation of a free nitrene is avoided.

Recent Literature

An efficient Beckmann rearrangement at room temperature involves an eosin Y catalyzed, visible-light-mediated in situ formation of the Vilsmeier-Haack reagent from CBr4 and a catalytic amount of DMF. This operationally simple method for the activation of ketoximes avoids the need for any corrosive, water-sensitive reagents and elevated temperatures.
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