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Dess-Martin Oxidation
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Swern Oxidation

Corey-Kim Oxidation

The Corey-Kim Oxidation allows the synthesis of aldehydes and ketones from primary alcohols and secondary alcohols, respectively.

Mechanism of the Corey-Kim Oxidation

Dimethylchlorosulphonium ion is generated in situ from NCS and DMS:

The following steps are comparable to the Swern Oxidation:

Recent Literature

New odorless method for the Corey–Kim and Swern oxidations utilizing dodecyl methyl sulfide (Dod-S-Me)
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The fluorous Swern and Corey-Kim reaction: scope and mechanism
D. Crich, S. Neelamkavil, Tetrahedron, 2002, 58, 3865-3870.