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Directed ortho Metalation (DOM)

The reaction of an alkyllithium compound with an arene bearing a "Directed Metalation Group" (DMG) normally leads to an ortho-metalated intermediate. Good DMG's are strong complexing or chelating groups that have the effect of increasing the kinetic acidity of protons in the ortho-position.

The ortho-metalated intermediate can be reacted with a variety of electrophiles, after which the DMG can be retained if desired, converted to a different functional group, or in some cases removed.

Mechanism of Directed Ortho Metalation

The DMG does not necessarily have to be inert:

strong DMGs: -CON-R, -CONR2, -N-COR, -N-CO2R
-CN -SO2tBu
moderate -CF3 -NR2
weak -CH2O- -O-
-CC- -S-

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