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Pinacol Coupling Reaction

This reaction involves the reductive homo-coupling of a carbonyl compound to produce a symmetrically substituted 1,2-diol. The first step is single electron transfer of the carbonyl bond, which generates radical ion intermediates that couple via carbon-carbon bond formation to give a 1,2-diol. The example depicted above shows the preparation of pinacol itself.

Pinacol and other highly substituted 1,2-diols tend to undergo dehydration with rearrangement under acid-catalysis (see Pinacol Rearrangement).

Recent Literature

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A highly enantioselective catalytic protocol for the intramolecular reductive coupling of ketones and hydrazones furnishes cyclic syn 1,2-amino alcohol derivatives with excellent levels of diastereo- and enantioselectivity. The reaction proceeds through neutral ketyl radical intermediates generated via a concerted proton-coupled electron transfer event jointly mediated by a chiral phosphoric acid catalyst and a photoredox catalyst.
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