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Swern Oxidation

The Swern Oxidation of alcohols avoids the use of toxic metals such as chromium, and can be carried out under very mild conditions. This reaction allows the preparation of aldehydes and ketones from primary and secondary alcohols, resp. . Aldehydes do not react further to give carboxylic acids. A drawback is the production of the malodorous side product dimethyl sulphide.

Mechanism of the Swern Oxidation

Dimethylchlorosulphonium ion is generated in situ from DMSO and oxalyl chloride.

The reaction with an alcohol at -78C leads to an alkoxysulphonium ion:

Deprotonation of this intermediate gives a sulphur ylide, which undergoes intramolecular deprotonation via a five-membered ring transition state and fragmentation to yield the product and DMS (odour!):

If the temperature is not kept near -78C, mixed thioacetals may result:

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