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Wurtz Reaction

Wurtz-Fittig Reaction

This reaction allows the alkylation of aryl halides. The more reactive alkyl halide forms an organosodium first, and this reacts as a nucleophile with an aryl halide as the electrophile. Excess alkyl halide and sodium may be used if the symmetric coupled alkanes formed as a side product may be separated readily.

Mechanism of the Wurtz-Fittig Reaction

See Wurtz Reaction.

Recent Literature

Preparation of Isoindolones by a Lithium-Iodide Exchange-Induced Intra­molecular Wurtz-Fittig Reaction of o-Iodobenzoyl Chloride/Imine Adducts
J. B. Campbell, R. F. Dedinas, S. Trumbower-Walsh, Synlett, 2010, 3008-3010.