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Protecting Groups

Stability data for the most frequently used protective groups, protection and deprotection methods

Functional Groups:


 Amino 9-Fluorenylmethyl carbamate (Fmoc-NRR') t-Butyl carbamate (Boc-NRR')
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Benzyl carbamate (Z-NRR', Cbz-NRR') Acetamide Trifluoroacetamide
Phthalimide Benzylamine (Bn-NRR') Triphenylmethylamine (Tr-NRR')
Benzylideneamine p-Toluenesulfonamide (Ts-NRR')
Carbonyl Dimethyl acetal 1,3-Dioxane
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1,3-Dithiane N,N-Dimethylhydrazone
Carboxyl Methyl ester t-Butyl ester
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Benzyl ester S-t-Butyl ester 2-Alkyl-1,3-oxazoline
Hydroxyl Methoxymethyl ether (MOM-OR) Tetrahydropyranyl ether (THP-OR)
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t-Butyl ether Allyl ether Benzyl ether (Bn-OR)
t-Butyldimethylsilyl ether (TBDMS-OR) t-Butyldiphenylsilyl ether (TBDPS-OR) Acetic acid ester
Pivalic acid ester Benzoic acid ester
1,2-; 1,3-Diols Acetonide Benzylidene acetal
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