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... of 1 was completed by a ?-allyl Stille coupling of 10 with an allylic alcohol ... from 9. There are two competing diastereomeric transition states for the cyclization of 1 ...
... rings were constructed and united using a Stille cross-coupling. The required cyclobutane was then ... via a photo-[2+2 cycloaddition: With this in place, ...
... and b) induce enantioselectivity. A Stille coupling then installed the vinyl side-chain, ... an oxidation state adjustment gave an aldehyde. Addition of allyl magnesium chloride caused formation ...
... moiety via a either a Sonagashira or Stille coupling also failed. However, much ... learnt in these routes, and a total synthesis of the related iso-epoxy-amphidinolide N was ...
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