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... the enol ether 6. The asymmetric Strecker reaction , the addition of cyanide to ... : Part Two of Two Enantioselective target-directed synthesis, which is important both for single-enantiomer ...
... a Pummerer reaction, I2 mediates a Strecker degradation of the the amino acid. ... Organic Chemistry Portal A Pummerer Reaction-Enabled Modular Synthesis of Alkyl Quinoline-3-carboxylates and 3-Arylquinolines from Amino ...
... , the resulting imines can undergo the Strecker reaction, the Mannich reaction, allylation ... more examples Key Words ?-aminonitriles , Strecker synthesis , diethylsilane ID: J54-Y2018 ...
... for more examples Key Words ?-Aminonitriles , Strecker Synthesis ID: J54-Y2010-0150 ...
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