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... offers a remarkable arsenal of highly selective transformations for state-of-the-art synthetic organic chemistry. Over ... Chemistry >> Bio >> Biocatalysis Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry Kurt Faber Softcover, ...
... . Best Synthetic Methods: Functional Group Transformations. 10. New Methods for Carbon-Carbon ... reactions in organic synthesis. 2. Biotransformations in organic synthesis. 3. Catalytic ...
... and regioselectivity have been reported in the transformations of multifunctional molecules. However, a ... Nearly Anhydrous Ionic Liquids. 10.6 Whole-Cell Biotransformations in Ionic Liquids. 10.7 Biotransformations in ...
... brief introduction for each; this is probably the only meaningful way to present these transformations. This monograph is thus better viewed as a textbook or as a source ...
... Organic Chemistry Portal Categories: Organic Chemistry >> Synthesis Silicon-mediated Transformations of Functional Groups Helmut Vorbrueggen Hardcover, 366 Pages First Edition, 2004 ISBN: 3-527-30668-4 Wiley-VCH ...
... compendium. Editorial Review Transition metal catalysis makes possible a great many selective and atom-economical transformations. The number of publications that have appeared in this area has become truly ...
... a deeper understanding of how and why the organic molecules of life undergo their sequential transformations and interconversions. To integrate the information from earlier chapters, as well as ...
... be an extremely useful metal due to its ability to catalyze an array of synthetic transformations, with quite often-unique selectivity. Hydrogenation, C-H activation, allylic substitution, ...
... a substantial effort to mention a variety of reaction conditions and reagents with which delicate transformations can be carried out selectively. The selective protection of polyfunctional molecules, or ...
... of such reactions on the construction of interesting intermediates. As evidenced by some recent transformations in natural product synthesis alone, the potential of these reactions is so broad ...
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